2011. 09. 29-11. 20

Beijing Commune is pleased to announce the opening of "Yuan Yuan:New Works"on September 29th,2011.This is the first solo exhibition of Yuan Yuan at Beijing Commune,showing her latest works of painting and sculpture.The exhibition will last till November 20th,2011.

Yuan Yuan creates a doubtable delicious,aromatic and frivolous atmosphere in the space.The paintings of beautiful young girls,the fragrant pink couch and dressing table with rose flavor,the painted photographs... All this gives privacy to the gallery space which is now a sugary,dreamy feeling,though ironically,the fancy dream the "girls" create is never beyond reach,but rather easy and convenient.

Undoubtedly the four years of indiscriminative rigid training in oil painting that Yuan Yuan has received in the Central Academy of Fine Arts has its trace on her paints.They' re clear and straightforward.The "clumsiness" shown in her handling of the details gives an interesting
vividness of the paintings.She splashes the acrylic onto the canvas to obtain random forms of the color.The structures of the paintings then are decided by these forms on which she depicted the lovely girls at one go.Without any further modification,the color on the paintings are very thin,making them look like casual sketches.The images of the girls are taken by Yuan Yuan from the popular social network sites,some of whom the artist knows well,too.The girls publishes their personal photos which have been carefully modified on to their online albums which may be visited by thousands of people on the internet and they become somewhat "celebs" in the virtual world of such SNS.Though the life and images are detached from their real life,both the girls and
their admirers on the internet achieve an actual pleasure of the "unreal"Yuan Yuan presented in her painting the production and consumption of this "unreal".

The couches,the dressing table and the botties and cans on are revealing the fancy dreamy environment in the space deliberately cultivated by the artist. They are all coated with the pink bath salt giving off a cheap,artificial scent of rose,pleasing their viewers with the tale telling lies of perfume.The photos in the smaller space of the gallery are all developed by the artist She invited a friend to splash the developing potion randomly onto the paper,and on the blank areas
where the potion does not splashed on,Yuan Yuan painted the portraits of the girls with various postures.The splashed areas shows the ambivalent images of the grasses and flowers.the lovely girls,the pink couch and the dressing table,everything of the exhibition are conveying a feeling of "unreal" and the uncertainty of the youth which is superficially beautiful.

Yuan Yuan was born in Beijing in 1985.She graduated with her BA degree from the department of oil painting from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008,since when she has received increasingly attention from the art scene.Her works are mainly paintings and have been shown in both domestic and international exhibitions.

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