Hu Xiaoyuan: Hu Xiaoyuan: The Sand From The Urns

2021. 11. 06-12. 29

Hu Xiaoyuan’s latest solo exhibition at Beijing Commune, “The Sand from the Urns” has the potential to bring the spectators into the site where puzzling ways of perceptions grow from. A total of three series of installations are scattered inside and outside the walls on which the color of light cold grey was chosen by the artist with particular means. Amid these two irregular exhibition spaces are the artist’s implicit observations, imaginations, and wonders deriving from her everyday life. Throughout her artistic practice, Hu Xiaoyuan constantly investigates and revisits the very process of “becoming”, and that further leads her to such works that stand in between tangibility and intangibility, fleetingness and eternality. As much as Hu Xiaoyuan wraps her perceptions of individual living subjects in the materials, she also endows them with enough room wherein a wide range of reflections could brew.