Ge Yulu's solo exhibition "SOMETIMES DOING SOMETHING HELPS NOTHING" will take place at Fei Art Museum

2020. 09. 26-2021. 01. 18

Ge Yulu's solo exhibition "Making Shocks, No Help" opened on September 26 at Guangzhou Fei Art Museum. The title of the exhibition is derived from Cantonese slang, which means to fool around, add confusion, and do nothing. "Making shock" was formerly written as "disturbing the formation", meaning to destroy the opponent's camp and disturb the formation. "No gangster" is very certain to summarize the results of this type of behavior as meaningless. The artist believes that this sentence is a very incisive summary of his core attitude towards artistic practice: an action method that does not seek benefit or actual output, but expects to partially disturb the real order and explore the gaps in reality.