Xie Molin will participate in Song Art Museum's group exhibition "2020"

2020. 06. 20-2020. 08. 30

Xie Molin is participating in the invitation exhibition "2020" at Song Art Museum that will open to the public on June 20th. The exhibition chooses the year 2020 as the first exhibition theme of this year, and invites 20 artists from 20 galleries in the form of joint exhibitions of art institutions after the lifting of the corona virus epidemic, hoping 2020 will be a historically critically point that people in the future will look back to. The exhibition will run until August 30.

Among them, Xie Molin will present Non-White No. 1 (2019). From 2004 onwards, Xie Molin initially utilized the cutting plotter to intervene in painting creation, and established his interest and direction of how humans and machines collaborate altogether to explore the possibilities of painting. And then, by designing a triaxial linkage painting machine himself, his works continued to advance towards more abstract features namely light, texture, trajector and colors.

In Non-White No. 1, Xie Molin mixes a dash of yellow, purple, green and red into white acrylic. He then manually divide and blend these four colors into 160 different hues. With the help of a trixial machine, the artist scrapes the painted surface of the canvas repeatedly to achieve a perfect combination of even glossy textures and subtle gradation.