Song Ta is attending Julia Stoschek Collection group exhibition New Metallurgists in Germany

2018. 10. 02-0219. 04. 28

Song Ta is attending the group exhibitions "New metallurgical builders" (New Metallurgists) held by Julia Stoschek Collection in Germany. Focusing on China's new generation of modern and contemporary artists, the exhibition will feature 16 works from eight artists, reflecting their global vision under the influence of diversity and globalization, and departing from the "classic" political geography of China. Add gilles deleuze and felix tully theory in the context of "metallurgy" (a refining and processing technology of metal) as a nomadic paradigm of art, this exhibition will extend the concept, and artists as a new metallurgical builders, these artisans kept wandering in the virtual network and the reality between architecture, economics and anthropology, history and assumptions, between shanzhai (copy) and original, and between the body and its embodiment. The new metallurgist points out a futuristic understanding concerned with nonlinear contemporaneity and dynamism, revealing the artist's attempts to push the boundaries of creation.

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