Zhou Yilun solo exhibition "23% Genealogy Study of Artist No. 3" is presented in SSSSTART Space

2019. 03. 23-2019. 05. 10

The artist named the exhibition "23% Genealogy Study of Artist No. 3". The misinterpretation of "23%" in Chinese is precisely the way he used to create these paintings -- to "divide" and reconstruct his own paintings in order to retain the "essence" in the eyes of the artist. The work in this exhibition stems from the artist's dissatisfaction with the unfinished or unsatisfactory paintings left in the studio. After removing the "essence" of the traditional image, the artist attached aluminum to the back of the canvas, making the background of the original work the core of the present picture, thus completing this batch of brand-new paintings.

In creation, Zhou Yilun used to "waste" the remaining paint on the idle board or canvas. In order to make the best use of the paint, these "muddled" works constituted his new "subject image". Cut off the main body and lining in the background of the aluminum plate, combined with random images, ferial wipe brush formed the ⼀ you need wash thoroughly face", "why we always can't remember a lot of things," two with "two cut three points" in work. In addition to paintings, this time will also display zhou Yilun's new production of "furniture." He has a long history of using ready-made products to make and modify products, which can be traced back to his personal interest in transforming his clothes and household household furniture. It can also be traced back to the tradition of dada art, or the growing popularity of popular logo culture in China. It can also be regarded as one of his many personal entrepreneurship projects.

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