Zhou Yilun is attending the TANK Shanghai group exhibition "The Force Temple"

2019. 09. 12-2019. 09. 22

During the "2019 Oil Tank Player Artist", Zhou Yilun participated in the Group exhibition "The Force Temple" of TANK SHANGHAI, presenting his new work "Romantic Landscape". The exhibition includes 11 Chinese artists, including Chen Xun, Fang Yang, Hu Xiang, Li Liao, Li Ming, Shanhetiao (Huangshan Mountain and Yellow River), Tang Dixin, Tian Mu, Yang Jian, Zhou Yilun and Zhong Yunshu, to explain the concept of the Force. Exhibition planners Tang Dixin and Yang Yuying hope to make the works face to face with each other and engage in a chaotic and mixed activity that an art institution cannot imagine, so there will be no delicate construction and design. It's only two months from the start of preparation to presentation, and there's another power to this interlocking chaos, as artists snap up a playful, playful, and not at all serious motive from a myriad of wild ideas.

The TANK Shanghai commissioned Zhou Yilun to create "Romantic Landscape", a large installation inspired by the absurd social landscape. It combines municipal building materials, urban cultural sculptures and Chinese landscape gardens. Its seemingly rough surface is actually the point of exquisite workmanship. The artist hides the precise handwork under the rough surface, which is the embodiment of strong control force.

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