Xie Moling participates in the group exhibition of Museum Liaunig “ Follow the Rabbit”

2023. 04. 30-2023. 10. 29

In the main exhibition 2023 "Follow the Rabbit" curated by Alexandra Grimmer, the Liaunig Collection shows a new side by opening the door to the Far East and presenting itself in juxtaposition with contemporary Chinese art. The Year of the Rabbit – according to the Chinese lunar calendar – is intended to invite visitors on a journey in which they follow the rabbit into its burrow in a quotation-like similarity to Lewis Carroll's tale "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in order to engage with a new world there. 

In addition to the highlights of contemporary artworks from the Liaunig Collection, pieces by 28 Chinese artists will be integrated into the main exhibition and are intended to achieve a new way of looking at the museum’s own collection. Through a juxtaposition, in some cases of single or multiple works, each by an Austrian or European artist and a Chinese artist, a discourse is created – breaking down the conventional view from the perspective of Western aesthetics.

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