Wang Luyan is attending the 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture Sub-Venue

2019. 12. 22-2020. 03. 22

Wang Luyan is attending the 2019 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Twin Cities Biennial. The qiaotou community in Baoan has officially opened on December 22 with the theme of "Coordinates: THEATER," positioning for a physical, social and spiritual space that will transform it into an open field on the ground. More than 50 artists, architects and designers from home and abroad were invited to participate in the exhibition, covering various creative forms such as space reconstruction, installation, image, painting, literature and performance.

Wang Luyan presents his work Floating (2019). As a coastal city, Shenzhen was a fishing village more than 30 years ago. People here were familiar with the floating of fishing nets, a tool of production, and what the buoyancy would bring to people. It can be said that floating is the original ecological mode of production and lifestyle condensed here. The floating of the original ecology is used as the fulcrum of reinforced concrete urbanization construction, and its unstable coexistence means the following question: is the abundant supply of urbanization symmetric with the basic demand of the original ecology? Can the floating original ecology with sphere attribute support urbanization and maintain balance? Can its limited buoyancy overload the load? ...