2019 Beijing Contemporary Art Fair

2019. 08. 29-2019. 08. 31

Beijing Commune will participate in the 2019 Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition, booth V32. This year, we will present artist Wang Guangle's personal project "Working Apartment".

Wang Guangle said, “This is a gallery full of sensational elements embedded in the rationality of art business. Within the heavy sections of this space are the works by my artist friends, who form a point-to-point relationship with me. The common feature of the collection they completed this time is that there are no agency galleries, or that their galleries did not participate in this Beijing Contemporary Art Fair. My selection criteria are that the works have a contemporary expression of personal survival. I gathered them in a commercial system witnin the booths of Beijing Commune, and then it became a surface that can be viewed. The purpose of this project is that through this reorganization, I can bring the artistic elements into the feeling brought by a paradigm shift in the context of the fair."


Bianca Regl / Bian Ka / Du Wenhui / Guo Longyao / Han Wuzhou / Xing Wu / Hao Qiang / Hou Yong / Huang Jingjie / Huang Lei

James Elaine / Jiang Fang / Jiao Xipeng / Lai Jinna / Li Pengpeng / Li Zhenwei / Lin Qing / Liu Cong / Liu Guoqiang / Liu Wenjiong

Ma Yanhong / Meng Liping / Meng Xianghui / Miao Miao / Song Hongnan / Wang Dongjin / Wang Guangxu / Wu Penghui / Xi Danni / Xiao Wenjie

Yan Yineng / Yan Wenhui / Yang Shenzhong / Zhang Xinjun / Zhang Ying / Zhang Yongliang / Zhao Tianji / Zheng Yiqiang / Zhou Yaling / Zong Ning

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