Ma Qiusha: Ma Qiusha

2009. 09. 19-11. 09

As an artist born in 1982, Ma Qiusha creates a sort of atmosphere quite unlike what her predecessors have done at Beijing Commune. Prevalent themes such as China’s rapid economic development and its resulting effect of cultural dislocation, or the impact of globalization on Chinese society are not as acutely reflected in her works. Her creations are much more private, attuned for expression of personal opinion, and use the sensitivity of details to show all intersections of life as it is for a young woman. She does not deliberate or criticize, but rather, sincerely interacts with the audience to express her experiences. These experiences – which include the bewilderment about relationships, the struggles to deny or approach intimacy, and her doubtful challenge of the childhood experience – carry tender but cruel and anxious undertones. Her effort can be considered an individualized narrative of the younger generation that have been brought up in a relatively more steady, affluent, but at the same time, more materialized contemporary urban life.