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Hu Xiaoyuan, Liang Yuanwei, Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha, Qiu Xiaofei at Orange County Museum of Art

Hu Xiaoyuan, Liang Yuanwei, Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha and Qiu Xiaofei will be featured in My Generation: Young Chinese Artists, Orange County Museum of Art, CA, US.


Exhibition date: June 27 2015 - October 11 2015


My Generation: Young Chinese Artists is an extended look at the new generation of artists emerging in mainland China since 2000, the year that China opened wide its doors to international artists and that Chinese artists began to command attention in the global arena. All artists in this exhibition were born after 1976—the end of the Cultural Revolution. Almost all of them are products of the One Child Policy and have grown up in a country with a high-powered market economy. All of them, whether educated in the West or not, have been exposed to global art movements through the Internet and increasingly liberalized education at China's art academies. They are ambitious, determined, and technically sophisticated with much to say about their homeland—positive and negative—and are able to navigate around the restrictions of censorship and cultural differences.


The artists in the exhibition are Birdhead, Chen Wei, Chi Peng, Double Fly Art Center, Fang Lu, Guo Hongwei, Hu Xiangqian, Hu Xiaoyuan, Huang Ran, Irrelevant Commission, Jin Shan, Liang Yuanwei, Liu Chuang, Liu Di, Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha, Qiu Xiaofei, Shi Zhiying, Soung Kun, Sun Xun, Xu Zhen, Yan Xing, Zhang Ding, Zhao Zhao, and Zhou Yilun.


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