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Yin Xiuzhen is shortlisted in Credit Suisse Today Art Award 2010

Among female artists in nowadays China, the unique character of Yin Xiuzhen is that she has the ability to mix the problems of public society up with the acute personal experience and feelings on materials. Her works always keep an appropriate stretching force between strong narration and direct property of material. From Yin's works, we could find a sharp observational things' value and inner nature. From 1994, Yin Xiuzhen started her artistic creation with approaches such as installations and photography, and remained active in domestic and international world of art. Her works has been exhibited in more than ten countries. Moreover, she had won many awards, such as CCAA (Chinese Contemporary Art Awards) in China, and the Young Artist Awards from the UNESCO. Those exhibitions she has participated in include the Moving City, Half of the Sky: the Exhibition of Contemporary Female Artist in China, the Third Asia-Pacific Three-year Exhibition, Moment: Chinese Art in the End of 20th Century,“ Subject • Subtitle” the Exhibition of Asian Female Art, and so on. Her works are both abundant and widely influential. In Yin's works, she usually combines people's experiences and memory with the marks of time, under a specific environment, which creates a strong visual infectivity. Most of her works are related to the traditional image, for instance, woman and family. Her creations pay more attention to her personal experiences and the relationships between memories and time. Her masterpieces include Suitcase of Clothes, Scrap land, Washing River, Qin of Tree, Butter shoes, Yin Xiuzhen, Beijing Opera, Travel Suitcase, Title of Desire, International Flight, and Supermarket. Her works are created in the conflictions between most private and most public, most rigorous and the roughest, and even between most fine-spun and most violent, especially the confrontation between the ruined buildings' remains and the staffs related to women's memories, like clothes, shoes, furniture or photos. under the silent declaration of folding and unfolding, freezing and melting, the dream worlds of young ladies are fighting as a result, there is a character of schizophrenia in her works.

Yin's sculptures show her preference to the materials, such as explosion, concrete, cement mortar, brick, tile, and stone. She uses these to show her attentions on human's memory and experience, and also the impressions of time. As well as presenting her poetic experiences on life and memories, her sculptures reflect her observations and thoughts on some social problems, for example, environmental pollution and craze for going abroad. Various ways creating, courageous use of materials, and decorations under specific environment and place, all these make Yin Xiuzhen's works have strong visual impact and feature of sensibility.