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Marie Montana

Untitled (circles and colored lines)

Man's Body with Miscellaneous Items

Head with Sunglasses

Electronic Candle

Air Jordan with Red Hats

Portrait of A Head with A Touch of Emboss

Little Angels

Unfinished Lamp (winding)

Untitled (orange and blue)

Untitled (a big-format painting of a group of people)

Baseketballs and People in the Woods



Woman's Body with Miscellaneous Items

Composition of Bodies

The Ultramarine Shadows

Untitled (portrait of head in an oval frame)

Caressing the Kitty

An Oil Painting with A Background

Blue Suit with Black Sunglasses


Untitled (buck teeth)

Untitled(holding a blond kid)

Untitled (canvas with cracks)

Untitled (broken glass)

Untitled (portrait of a horrifying face)


Comic Face

Adorable Clouds

Unfinished Lamp (comic hands)

Unfinished Lamp (basketball lamp)

Untitled (a stainless steel ball)

Untitled (land with snow)

Untitled (white circle drawn with crayon)