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Untitled (circles and colored lines)

Man's Body with Miscellaneous Items

Head with Sunglasses

Electronic Candle

Air Jordan with Red Hats

Portrait of A Head with A Touch of Emboss

Little Angels

Unfinished Lamp (winding)

Untitled (orange and blue)

Untitled (a big-format painting of a group of people)

Baseketballs and People in the Woods



Woman's Body with Miscellaneous Items

Composition of Bodies

The Ultramarine Shadows

Caressing the Kitty

An Oil Painting with A Background

Blue Suit with Black Sunglasses


Untitled (buck teeth)

Untitled (with a blond baby)

Untitled (canvas with cracks)

Untitled (broken glass)

Untitled (portrait of a horrifying face)


Comic Face

Adorable Clouds

Unfinished Lamp (comic hands)

Unfinished Lamp (basketball lamp)

Untitled (a stainless steel ball)

Untitled (land with snow)

Untitled (white circle drawn with crayon)