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Yin Xiuzhen was born in 1963 in Beijing, beginning her contemporary art career in the early 1990s. She engages with the mutation of Chinese society through her indefatigable negotiation between testifying explosive urbanisation and conservation of intimate memory, between experiences of cultural change in the time of global travel and determined search for consistent identity, she has developed an impressive body of installation work both in China and outside. She has participated in important events like Asia Pacific Triennial, 1999, the 26th Sao Paulo Biennale, 2004, Sydney Biennial, 2004 and numerous international museum exhibitions.

Conceived her project for the Chinese Pavilion in a site-specific manner, she names her work “Arsenale” after the site. She intervenes in the petrol warehouse (Cisterne Building) with over 100 pieces of “Weapon of TV Tower” to create a real “Armoury”. Entirely made of everyday objects like clothes, textile, plates and knives, etc., these “weapons” are hung like a mass of missiles above the overwhelming petrol containers which are covered with textiles printed with code bars and signs of danger. They form a threatening scenario evoking the current reality of excessive urbanisation, economic development and geopolitical conflict. The strong contrast between the feminine, sensitive, soft and poetic texture of the clothes and textile and the masculine, phalloi-centric and sublime forms of the TV towers-turned-weapons creates a surprising and imposing drama, expressing a powerful but silent outcry against the prevailing violence that is menacing our world.

-------Hou Hanru

( Excerpt from Daily Miracle )